Four memorials of the old church still remain, one is a slab with a cross fleury engraved on it and this inscription read, “Orate Pro Arima Roberte Berbi”. The second of the memorials is an ancient piscine (stone water vessel with a drain). It was used to wash the communion cups after the service and the blessed water was allowed to drain out through the hole in the side, down the groove and on to consecrated ground. The third memorials are gargoyles, one is on the side of the Elmtree Inn and the second is on the side of a barn at Stud Farm. The fourth memorial is the side of a pew which is in the Elmtree Inn.

The current church has a turret containing three bells. In 1845 the bells were recast, each bell bears the name of the founder and the year it was cast. In addition to this, the first is inscribed “Wm Hatfield de Rhodes, patron”, the second “Wm Senior Salmon, clerk MA vicar, Robert Roberts, Robert Burcher, churchwardens, George Cropper, Parish Clerk” and the third “John Lonsdale, Bishop of Lichfield, Robert Augustus Shirley, Archdeacon of Derby”.